Synergy's 2024 Product Guide

ADHESIVES F2 Multipurpose Contact Adhesive CRC F2 is a high performance general purpose contact adhesive. It is water resistant and flexible and its high bond strength makes it ideal for a wide range of uses. CRC F2 is easily applied highly versatile, durable and bonds instantly to most substrates. •Versatile • Multipurpose High bond strength • Bonds most materials and substrates •Water resistant / flexible • Ideal for a wide variety of uses • Easy to use, no clamping required 8002 - 75ml Tube • 8008 - 250ml Tin 8009 - 500ml Tin • 8010 - 1L Tin PVC Pipe Cement CRC PVC Pipe Cement is a high quality clear, easy to use PVC adhesive. It is specially suitable for rigid uPVC and M-PVC piping in both pressure and non pressure applications including guttering, spouting, conduit, waste bowls, standard low pressure pipe systems, channelling etc. CRC PVC Pipe Cement is ideal for use on irrigation, plumbing, pools and spa applications etc. • Is used widely for installing SIC and PVC pressure pipes, guttering, waste, vent pipe fittings and conduit systems • Specially formulated to ‘weld’ bond PVC and PVC rigid pipes, fittings, sheeting and components Ultra High Strength Aerosol Adhesive CRC UHS is an ultra high strength contact adhesive which gives an immediate and permanent bond on a wide variety of surfaces. It is formulated to give low soak, cure fast, dry clear and be non-staining. CRC UHS uses a unique resin system making it resistant to breakdown from plasticiser migration. • Ultra High Strength – instant permanent contact bond • High Heat Resistance – up to 75°C plasticiser safe • Resistant to breakdown from plasticiser migration F3 Non- Drip Contact Adhesive CRC F3 is a thixotropic, high strength contact adhesive. It is formulated to be non-spill and non-drip, giving greater control of application and better coverage.This gel feature makes it ideal for vertical and ceiling applications and for bonding onto porous surfaces. • Ideal for vertical and porous surfaces • Non-spill, non-drip • Greater control of application and better coverage • Good resistance to heat, water, acids and alkalis Multipurpose Spray Adhesive CRC Multi-Purpose SprayAdhesive bonds most materials quickly and easily, giving a long lasting bond. It is formulated to give a fast tack off, low soak spray and dries clear. • High strength • Rapid cure, fast tack • Non staining, low mist • No clean up • Repositionable, clear drying • Safe for indoor use 8132 - 250ml Tin • 8136 - 500ml Tin 8180 - 550ml Aerosol 8020 - 500ml Tin 8015 - 210ml Aerosol • 8017 - 575ml Aerosol Stuff Off Adhesive Remover CRC Stuff Off - gets stuff off! A powerful cleaner/remover that is designed to soften or dissolve most adhesives and paints as well as uncured laminating resins and uncured sealants.The gel formula clings to the surface making it also ideal for vertical applications. It also removes paint spills, graffiti, inks and grease. • Ideal for use on:metal, wood, fabric, carpet, stone, brick, steel • Effectively removes: adhesives, paints, graffiti, inks, resins, grease, uncured sealants • Gel formula can be sprayed onto tools and surfaces with minimal overspray 8270 - 500ml Aerosol Perma-Mend Repair Patch CRC Perma-Mend Repair Patch is a unique, easy-to-use UV or sunlight activated, self adhesive repair patch.Made of fibreglass reinforced Polyester, it exhibits extremely good adhesion properties for long lasting repairs. • No mixing, no weighing • Non-flammable and non-toxic • Flexible, waterproof and UV resistant • Can be drilled, tapped, sanded and painted in less than an hour 14089-76x153mm Pack • 14094-153x229mm Pack 14096-229x305mm Pack Perma-Mend UV Torch CRC Perma-Mend UV Flashlight for the curing of Perma-Mend UV Curable Repair Patches. ADOS 121 Repair Anything ADOS 121 is an epoxy polymer with glass fibres already integrated into the hardener – making use so easy.All the advantages of traditional fibre glassing with none of the disadvantages. • Quick and easy to use • 1:1 mix ratio • Multi-purpose structural repair • Epoxy with integrated glass fibres • Strong high tensile epoxy • Bridges gaps, self-supporting •Waterproof with no osmosis 14098 4420 - 500ml Can Minute Mend Epoxy Putty CRC Minute Mend is a fast convenient epoxy repair putty that mixes in just one minute for permanent emergency repairs. It bonds to wet or damp surfaces and can even be applied under water.This two part epoxy permanently repairs scratches, gouges and holes. Bonds to wood, steel, fibreglass, glass, ceramics, plastics, concrete and aluminium. • It is ready to use in less than one minute • Contains the exact amount of base material and curing agent 14070 - 114g Tube AB AD AP AU BC BE CS EI FA HT LA LR LU MA ME MH MR OU PA PT PU SE SP SC SS TC TG TM TP WE 33