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Konstrukt® High Speed Steel drill bits are the perfect set to keep in your tool box for general purpose use. The fully ground High Speed Steel is break, heat and wear resistant and the 118° split point makes them versatile enough to use on most common materials. • Available in Bright or Gold finish • Handy storage case with size labels KONS-DSM1-13 BRIGHT, 25 PIECE SET KONS-MJD19PC GOLD, 19 PIECE SET KONS-MJD25PC GOLD, 25 PIECE SET DRILL SETS www.konstrukt.com.au

Konstrukt® High Speed Steel drill bits are the perfect set to keep in your tool box for general purpose use. The fully ground High Speed Steel is break, heat and wear resistant and the 118° split point makes them versatile enough to use on most common materials. • Gold finish • 118° split point Our precision high speed steel step drills make drilling holes in sheet metal fast and easy using a simple battery drill or drill press. Accurately cut holes from 4 to 30mm wide without the need for a hole punch. • Sets of 3 available in straight or spiral • Suitable for sheet metals including steel and aluminium plus other materials like plastic or wood • Heat and wear resistant high speed steel • Engraved hole size indicators KONS-MSTEP3PC 3 PIECE SET KONS-MSPSTEP3PC SPIRAL 3 PIECE SET IMPERIAL KONS-IJDTC0332 3/32 KONS-IJDTC0764 7/64 KONS-IJDTC0018 1/8 KONS-IJDTC0964 9/64 KONS-IJDTC0532 5/32 KONS-IJDTC0516 5/16 KONS-IJDTC1132 11/32 KONS-IJDTC1164 11/64 KONS-IJDTC0316 3/16 KONS-IJDTC1364 13/64 KONS-IJDTC0732 7/32 KONS-IJDTC1564 15/64 KONS-IJDTC0014 1/4 KONS-IJDTC1764 17/64 KONS-IJDTC0932 9/32 KONS-IJDTC0038 3/8 KONS-IJDTC2564 25/64 KONS-IJDTC1332 13/32 KONS-IJDTC0716 7/16 KONS-IJDTC1532 15/32 KONS-IJDTC0012 1/2 METRIC KONS-MJDTC0150 1.50MM KONS-MJDTC0200 2.00MM KONS-MJDTC0250 2.50MM KONS-MJDTC0300 3.00MM KONS-MJDTC0320 3.20MM KONS-MJDTC0330 3.30MM KONS-MJDTC0350 3.50MM KONS-MJDTC0400 4.00MM KONS-MJDTC0450 4.50MM KONS-MJDTC0500 5.00MM KONS-MJDTC0550 5.50MM KONS-MJDTC0580 5.80MM KONS-MJDTC0600 6.00MM KONS-MJDTC0650 6.50MM KONS-MJDTC0700 7.00MM KONS-MJDTC0750 7.50MM KONS-MJDTC0800 8.00MM KONS-MJDTC0850 8.50MM KONS-MJDTC0900 9.00MM KONS-MJDTC0950 9.50MM KONS-MJDTC1000 10.00MM KONS-MJDTC1050 10.50MM KONS-MJDTC1100 11.00MM KONS-MJDTC1150 11.50MM KONS-MJDTC1200 12.00MM KONS-MJDTC1250 12.50MM KONS-MJDTC1300 13.00MM STEP DRILL SETS HIGH SPEED STEEL DRILL BITS www.konstrukt.com.au

All Konstrukt® SDS Plus drill bits feature 4 cutter, solid carbide tips, ensuring powerful and reliable drilling into concrete, brick, stonework or other masonry. Their precision fluting and firm fit in SDS Plus tools makes anchor installation fast and accurate. • 4-cutter carbide tip KONS-SDSCF200250 SDS PLUS FLAT 20X250MM KONS-SDSCF400250 SDS PLUS FLAT 40X250MM KONS-SDSCP0250 SDS PLUS POINT 250MM KONS-4PLUS05110 5X110MM KONS-4PLUS05160 5X160MM KONS-4PLUS06110 6X110MM KONS-4PLUS06160 6X160MM KONS-4PLUS06210 6X210MM KONS-4PLUS065160 6.5X160MM KONS-4PLUS065210 6.5X210MM KONS-4PLUS08160 8X160MM KONS-4PLUS08210 8X210MM KONS-4PLUS10160 10X160MM KONS-4PLUS10210 10X210MM KONS-4PLUS10260 10X260MM KONS-4PLUS10460 10X460MM KONS-4PLUS12160 12X160MM KONS-4PLUS12210 12X210MM KONS-4PLUS12260 12X260MM KONS-4PLUS14260 14X260MM KONS-4PLUS16160 16X160MM KONS-4PLUS16260 16X260MM KONS-4PLUS18300 16X300MM KONS-4PLUS20300 20X300MM KONS-4PLUS24460 24X460MM KONS-MAXCF25400 SDS MAX FLAT 25X400MM KONS-MAXCF50400 SDS MAX FLAT 50X400MM KONS-MAXCP400 SDS MAX POINT 400MM SDS PLUS DRILL BITS SDS CHISEL BITS Perfect for a wide variety of demolition including brick, tile, concrete and stone, our hardened steel flat and pointed chisel bits attach to standard rotary hammers to power through the toughest materials with ease. • Available in SDS Plus and SDS Max www.konstrukt.com.au

www.konstrukt.com.au Our cold rolled steel, fully welded site boxes boast 500 litres of secure storage with a unique removable shelf. The UV stable powder coat finish will stand up to the Australian sun and sturdy dual gas struts make accessing your equipment effortless. • 1220mm x 600mm x 700mm • Recessed HD side handles • Suits forklift or pallet truck • Recessed lock tabs with storage KONS-SB700Y YELLOW KONS-SB700R RED SITE BOXES

www.konstrukt.com.au HARD HAT Keep safe and comfortable on-site with the new and improved Konstrukt® Vented Hard Hat. • AS/NZS 1801:2012 Standard Certified • Vented for increased airflow • Ratchet adjustable strap • Replaceable cotton sweatband KONS-HHVW9 WHITE

PREMIUM RIGGERS GLOVES Konstrukt® Premium Rigger Gloves are made of high quality, double stitched cow grain leather so they’re tough enough to endure, even in the harshest conditions. Ideal for construction, mining, rigging, landscaping or general-purpose use, their stitch-free palm section will keep your hands comfortable and protected. • Cow grain leather • Double stitched • Stitch-free palm KONS-PRIGS SMALL KONS-PRIGM MEDIUM KONS-PRIGL LARGE KONS-PRIGXL EXTRA LARGE These gloves feature a super light 15g nylon and elastane liner dipped with soft nitrile foam and polyurethane, offering comfort, dexterity and sensitivity. Protects against grease and oil, cuts, scrapes and abrasions, all while being light and breathable. Ideal for engineering, assembly, automotive, construction, logistics and mining. • Lightweight and comfortable • CE Certified • Maximum EN level 4 abrasion • ANSI Cut Level A1 • Palm dipped to increase dexterity and ventilation • Nitrile foam coating for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions KONS-GLKFM MEDIUM KONS-GLKFL LARGE KONS-GLKFXL EXTRA LARGE KONS-GLKFXXL 2X LARGE KONFLEX PU COATED GLOVES GLOVE CLIP Don’t misplace your gloves again with these Konstrukt® glove clips. Clips on to your belt loop! • High visibility • Simple, quick glove storage solution KONS-CLIPFY HI-VIS YELLOW www.konstrukt.com.au

FOAM EARPLUGS Always have hearing protection close at hand with our handy dispensing box of disposable PU foam earplugs. • AS/NZS 1270:2002 standard certified • Protection for up to 110dB • 200 Individually packaged uncorded pairs KONS-EPDC5 BOX OF 200 P2 RESPIRATOR Designed to maximize comfort while retaining fully-certified breathing protection from mechanically and thermally genearated particles, Konstrukt® P2 Respirators feature an exhalation valve for increased air flow, soft foam across the nose and latex-free straps • AS/NZS 1716:2012 P2 Standard Certified • Protects your lungs from fine air-borne particles • Exhalation valve increases air flow KONS-DMP2V10 BOX OF 10 www.konstrukt.com.au

ANTI FOG ANTI SCRATCH ANTI FOG ANTI SCRATCH GP KONSPEX ULTRA KONSPEX GP Konspex safety glasses offer certified medium protection while still being light, breezy and comfortable to wear. • AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 standard certified • 99.9% UV protection • Outstanding optical quality • Light wrap around design KONS-KSGPCL CLEAR KONS-KSGPSM SMOKE For workers who need comfortable all-day eye protection, our Ultra Konspex offer the same impact protection and optical quality, but with soft molded silicone for extra comfort on the nose and ears. • AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 standard certified • 99.9% UV protection • Outstanding optical quality • Non-slip nose piece and arms KONS-KSUCL CLEAR KONS-KSUSM SMOKE KONS-KSUBR BRONZE www.konstrukt.com.au

www.konstrukt.com.au 4-WAY PORTABLE POWER OUTLET The Konstrukt® RCD/MCB protected Portable Power Outlet is your investment in electrical safety and security. Get power where you need it while protecting your body and your tools from dangerous power surges. • AS/NZS 3012 and AS/NZS 3190 Standard Certified • Industrial Class H Approved • IP53 Dust and Weatherproof • 4x10 amp outlets • Heavy duty 1.8m power cord • Neon activation indicator • Gasket sealed casing KONS-PPO4 4 WAY OUTLET HEAVY DUTY EXTENSION LEADS CABLE TIES • Bright LED indicator lights on both ends • 10 amp plug and socket with safety skirt • Heavy duty 15 amp lead • Extra heavy duty insulation KONS-LEADEXT10 10M KONS-LEADEXT20 20M KONS-LEADEXT30 30M Sold in packs of 100 in resealable ziplock bags • UV Resistant • Indoor/outdoor use • UL 6/6 virgin nylon material KONS-CBT-0150036BLP0100 150 X 3.6MM KONS-CBT-0200025BLP0100 200 X 2.5MM KONS-CBT-0200048BLP0100 200 X 4.8MM KONS-CBT-0200080BLP0100 200 X 7.6MM KONS-CBT-0250048BLP0100 250 X 4.8MM KONS-CBT-0300048BLP0100 300 X 4.8MM KONS-CBT-0300076BLP0100 300 X 7.6MM KONS-CBT-0380048BLP0100 380 X 4.8MM KONS-CBT-0380076BLP0100 380 X 7.6MM KONS-CBT-0540120BLP0100 540 X 12.0MM

PRODUCT TITLE www.konstrukt.com.au NEW PLIERS Our range of everyday use pliers is designed with the tradesman in mind. Quality forged steel jaws and cutting blades pivoting around smooth, heavy duty hinges with comfortable rubber grips. • Precision jaws and cutting blades • Comfortable, rubberized grips KONS-PLIER-COMB200 200MM COMBINATION PLIERS KONS-PLIER-DC180 180MM CUTTING PLIERS KONS-PLIER-LN200 200MM LONG NOSE PLIERS INDUSTRIAL SNIPS Made with high tensile Japanese Stainless Steel, the Konstrukt® Industrial Snips are a powerful, multi-use cutting tool you’ll want to keep by your side every day. • Cuts through wire mesh, PVC, cardboard, leather, and even light-gauge sheet metal • Precision sharpened with serrated edge • Concealed spring for effortless cutting power KONS-SNIP200HD 200MM

Premium quality, neutral cure sealant specially formulated for sealing sheet metal, aluminum roofing, guttering and other common building materials. With +/- 20% joint movement capability, it’s ideal for general plumbing use. Approved for use in contact with potable water. AS40201999 Standard Certified. KONS-AS-SIC0300RGNGY GREY KONS-AS-SIC0300RGNTL TRANSLUCENT KONS-AS-SIC0300RGNWH WHITE High quality construction adhesive for use in adhering common building materials internally and externally. The product is designed for use with adhering timbers, cement sheet, plasterboard, bricks, aluminum. KONS-ASCAC03000SB BEIGE High quality acrylic sealant designed for use in sealing and caulking joints and cracks in timber and plasterboard, and in and around skirting, architraves, doors, and internal windows frames. Konstrukt® Gap Filler is fast drying, easy to use, and washes up with water. KONS-ASGFC0300MPWH WHITE ROOF & GUTTER SILICONE CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE GAP FILLER www.konstrukt.com.au

Our light and easy to use Professional Caulking Gun is the perfect choice for low viscosity caulking and adhesive applications. • Light weight • High quality construction KONS-CG300PRO STANDARD 300ML CAULKING TUBES With heavier, reinforced construction, our Heavy Duty Caulking Gun is designed to reliably dispense thicker caulking and adhesives without slipping. • Solid design • High quality rigid construction KONS-G703 STANDARD 300ML CAULKING TUBES Designed for modern epoxy, anchoring and other specialty chemical adhesives, our chemical injector gun is powerful and reliable. • Reliable injection power • High quality rigid construction KONS-CG380CHEM STANDARD 380ML CHEM CARTRIDGES Our standard size Sausage Pack Caulking Gun makes switching out different chemicals quick and simple while the precisely fit plunger prevents your caulking or adhesive from leaking back into the gun. • Leak resistant • High quality construction KONS-BG37 37CM SAUSAGE PACKS PROFESSIONAL CAULKING GUN HEAVY DUTY CAULKING GUN CHEMICAL INJECTOR CAULKING GUN SAUSAGE PACK CAULKING GUN www.konstrukt.com.au

www.konstrukt.com.au KONSTRUKT® BRAKE & PARTS CLEANER AU - AUTOMOTIVE NEW 400g Aerosol Konstrukt® Brake Cleaner is an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that safely and effectively removes brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants leaving no residue and without requiring brake disassembly. • Effectively removes brake dust and grease from brakes and parts • Leaves no residue or staining and is non-corrosive • Cleans sealer from new brake rotors and pads before installation • Cleans instantly to help stop squeals in brakes KONS-BRAKEC400G 400G AEROSOL KONS-BRAKEC20LT 20 LT DRUM HEAVY DUTY TRUCK WASH Concentrated water based high performance and non-caustic truck wash. This product effectively removes road grime and dirt from all surfaces including plastic, rubber, chrome, aluminum and paintwork. This product contains corrosion inhibitors to protect surface from rusting and does not contain caustic chemicals. It leaves paintwork shiny and streak free when used as directed. • Heavy Duty Cleaner • Fully biodegradable • Dries Streak Free • Inhibits rust and corrosion KONS-TWHD05LT 5LT KONS-TWHD20LT 20LT TRUCK WASH N WAX High performance vehicle wash that delivers strength in cleaning and gloss in finish. Effectively removes road grime and dirt from all surfaces including plastic, rubber, chrome, aluminum and paintwork. Leaves vehicles streak free without water marks and noticeably shinier afterwards. • One step cleaner and shine • Fully biodegradable • Rapid grime removal formula • Inhibits rust and corrosion KONS-TWWAX05LT 5LT KONS-TWWAX20LT 20LT

HAND CLEANER - ORANGE GRIT Ideal for cleaning hands in workshops, mining, food prep, farms or garden nurseries as well as domestic environments. Moisturisers and Vitamin E Oil rejuvenates your skin leaving soft, clean hands after a hard day’s work. A natural, plastic-free abrasive gently removes ingrained dirt by massaging skin. Mild enough to use every day. • Removes stains and grease • Fresh citrus scent • 100% Soap free • Fully biodegradable KONS-HCORGR500ML 500ML KONS-HCORGR05LT 5LT KONS-HCORGR20LT 20LT HAND CLEANER - MINT GRIT The highly effective Konstrukt® grit hand cleaner will remove the toughest of stains without drying or cracking skin. The moisturising formula is both phosphate and soap free, leaving it gentle on the skin and suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Heavy duty hand cleaner with Vitamin E oil and non plastic grit. • Removes stains and grease • Peppermint scent • 100% Soap free • Fully biodegradable KONS-HCMINT500ML 500ML KONS-HCMINT05LT 5LT KONS-HCMINT20LT 20LT WORKSHOP DEGREASER CLEANING CLOTHS Konstrukt® multi-purpose cleaning cloths have been screened to ensure they’re clean, safe and free of any hazardous metal objects. • Quality recycled material • Pre-cut to convenient size KONS-RCT10 COLOURED T-SHIRT 10KG KONS-RMC10 MIXED COTTON 10KG KONS-RWH10 PURE WHITE T-SHIRT 10KG Konstrukt® Workshop Degreaser is a heavy duty, water-based degreaser for heavy duty cleaning. Non flammable, quick-breaking and free from petroleum solvents, Konstrukt® Workshop Degreaser is a safe, concentrated degreaser for use on most hard surfaces. • Removes grease and grime • Will not affect plastics, rubber or nonreactive metals KONS-DEGRHC20LT 20LT • Free from harmful aromatic and corrosive compounds • Inhibits metal corrosion www.konstrukt.com.au

www.konstrukt.com.au 3-IN-1 COLD GALVANIZING SPRAY NEW The 3-in-1 Konstrukt® Cold Galvanizing Sprays protect, match and seal in one easy step! A simple spray covers a newly welded joint or resurfaced face in a zinc-rich coating to protect steel from corrosion. Ideally suited for touch-up welds and repairs to damaged structures or components. Using Grey Zinc as a primer followed by Silver or Black Zinc as a top coat provides long-term rust protection in even the harshest conditions. • Long-term rust protection • Protect, Match and Seal in One Easy Step • Ideal for touch-up welds or on-site repairs • 99% Zinc Purity KONS-BG-400G BLACK KONS-CG-400G GREY KONS-SG-400G SILVER

RATCHET TIE DOWN 20 LITRE PAIL Our robust, 50mm x 9m ratchet tie down is designed specifically for heavy loads and cargo with a maximum load of 2,500 kg. The heavy duty hooks and keepers effortlessly secure the high tenacity polyester webbing, even on smaller modern rails ensuring maximum safety during transportation. • AS/NZS 4380:2001 Standard Certified • Sewn in warning and specification tags • 750-1000kg Pre-tension KONS-RTD-5092500KG 50MM X 9M, 2500KG Konstrukt® heavy duty 20 litre pails are strong, reliable and versatile. Suitable for hot or cold items, nestable for easy storage, and even food-safe for use in commercial kitchens. • Heavy gauge metal handle with plastic grip • Re-sealable, first-time-open tamper-evident lid (sold separately) KONS-PAIL20L 20LT WHITE www.konstrukt.com.au

6 PIECE THRU-TANG SCREWDRIVER SET 9 PIECE SCREWDRIVER SET Our heavy duty screwdrivers are designed to endure even the toughest projects. A Solid Chrome-Molybdenum core runs through the entire driver with a thick strike cap to withstand hammer strikes, an integral hex slot for extra torque and comfortable ergonomic rubber handles. This versatile, everyday screwdriver set will reliably handle most common phillips head and slotted screws. Their Solid Chrome-Molybdenum blades with magnetic tips are secured by an ergonomic, rubberised handle which also features a reinforced slot allowing you to insert another screwdriver to increase torque and tighten or loosen stubborn screws. PH1 - 80mm PH2 - 100mm PH3 - 150mm 5.5 x 100mm 6.5 x 150mm 8.0 x 150mm PH0 - 75mm PH1 - 150mm PH2 - 36mm PH2 - 100mm 6 x 38mm 3 x 75mm 6 x 100mm 5 - 150mm 8 - 200mm KONS-SDRIV-TANGSET6 6 PIECE SET KONS-SDRIV-SET9 9 PIECE SET • Full tang construction • Hex-shaped shaft can be gripped with a wrench for extra torque KONS-SDRIV-TANGSL200 8 X 200MM KONS-SDRIV-TANGSL300 8 X 300MM SLOTTED SCREWDRIVERS www.konstrukt.com.au

www.konstrukt.com.au • Fibreglass handle • Ergonomic rubberized grip KONS-HAM-CLAW450 450GR KONS-HAM-CLAW560 560GR • Fibreglass handle • Ergonomic rubberized grip KONS-HAM-BALL680 680GR CLAW HAMMERS BALL HAMMERS Perfect for fire-sensitive work sites or use on precision components, the Konstrukt® Copper-Faced Hammer delivers powerful strikes without the chance of throwing sparks or damaging metal threads. The solid copper faces are easily replaceable with the included allen key. • Ductile cast iron body • Replaceable copper striking faces • Hickory handle KONS-CH3 SIZE 3 COPPER FACED HAMMER COPPER FACED HAMMER

SELF RETRACTING SAFETY KNIFE Our Self-Retracting Safety Knife reduces the risk of accidental injuries as the blade retracts the instant pressure on the slider is removed. • Rubberized grip and thumb slider • Equally comfortable for left or right-handed use • Easy, toolless blade change KONS-PLIER-DC180 180MM These high-quality Chrome Vanadium hex keys come in a hand flip-out caddy with printed sizes so you can always find the tool you need. • 0.7mm • 0.9mm • 1.27mm • 1.5mm • 2mm • 2.5mm • 3mm • 4mm • 5mm • 5.5mm • 6mm • 8mm • 10mm KONS-HKS13PC FLAT END KONS-HKSBE13PC BALL END HEX KEY SETS HEAVY DUTY PIPE WRENCHES CHROME ADJUSTABLE SPANNERS With a light-weight aluminium body and heat treated steel jaws, our heavy duty pipe wrenches don’t sacrifice weight for durability. • Wide-opening, forged steel jaws • Easy-turn roll nut KONS-HDPW300AL 300MM KONS-HDPW350AL 350MM KONS-HDPW450AL 450MM KONS-HDPW600AL 600MM Our heavy duty forged steel adjustable spanners are ideal for everyday use, with etched measurements and precise, reliable head movement. • Ergonomic, euro style design • High quality chrome steel KONS-SPAN-ADJ150CH 150MM KONS-SPAN-ADJ200CH 200MM KONS-SPAN-ADJ250CH 250MM KONS-SPAN-ADJ300CH 300MM KONS-SPAN-ADJ450CH 450MM KONS-SPAN-ADJ600CH 600MM www.konstrukt.com.au

www.konstrukt.com.au NEW The all-new Konstrukt® Premium Black Adjustable Spanners are ideal for trades people who expect the best out of their tools. The laser etched jaws are accurate and reliable and the textured black finish makes them easy to grip. • Chrome Vanadium steel construction • Exceeds international standards • Accurate jaw movement • Laser etched measurement scale KONS-SPAN-ADJ150BL 150MM LONG, 25MM JAW KONS-SPAN-ADJ200BL 200MM LONG, 30MM JAW KONS-SPAN-ADJ250BL 250MM LONG, 35MM JAW KONS-SPAN-ADJ300BL 300MM LONG, 40MM JAW PREMIUM BLACK ADJUSTABLE SPANNERS

www.konstrukt.com.au NEW This steel, square-mouthed commercial shovel is perfectly suited to mixing concrete, shifting soil or loading loose material into wheelbarrows or other containers. • 1100mm total length • Powdercoated HD Steel • Fully Welded Long Handle KONS-SHOVSMMDH METAL SQUARE MOUTH, D GRIP COMMERCIAL SHOVEL KONS-WBPT-PNW PLASTIC TRAY, PNEUMATIC WHEEL KONS-WBPT-PPW PLASTIC TRAY, PUNCTURE PROOF WHEEL KONS-WBST-PNW STEEL TRAY, PNEUMATIC WHEEL KONS-WBST-PPW STEEL TRAY, PUNCTURE PROOF WHEEL WHEELBARROWS Konstrukt® wheelbarrows are made with high quality steel frames and handles, tough enough to survive regular use on a job site but nimble enough to use in the garden. Choose between a light, rust-proof 100 litre plastic tray or a heavy-duty 100 litre steel tray, and an extra-wide pneumatic rubber tire or a puncture-proof tire to make your ideal wheelbarrow! Steel Tray • 200kg capacity • Resistant to UV damage • Perfect for the job site Plastic Tray • 150kg capacity • Light and nimble • Perfect for home use

TAPE MEASURE • 8m x 25mm, metric measuring tape • Sliding blade lock • True zero non-slip hook • Rubber encasing grip KONS-MTTM008025M METRIC Grab a pair of our favourite everyday job site needs and save money on both! • 25 Piece Drill Bit Set • LED Headlamp KONS-DSM/HL BUNDLE DRILL BIT SET & HEADLAMP BUNDLE HEADLAMP A good headlamp is a must-have for two-handed work in dark conditions. Ours is bright, reliable and long-lasting. • 3 DURACELL® AAA batteries included • 200 Lumens • 10,000 hour LED lifetime • IPX4 Water Resistant KONS-HEADLAMP 200 LUMENS www.konstrukt.com.au

2000 LUMEN TACTICAL TORCH 600 LUMEN TACTICAL TORCH The beefier 2000 lumen tactical LED torch is ideal for regular night time work when you need bright, reliable light. • DURACELL® AA batteries included • Aircraft grade aluminium • IPX4 Water Resistant • 53mm x 231mm KONS-FL2000L 2000 LUMEN Our 600 lumen tactical LED torch is just the right size to keep handy in your pocket or glovebox for unexpected dark conditions. • DURACELL® AAA batteries included • Aircraft grade aluminium • IPX4 Water Resistant • 38mm x 154mm KONS-FL600L 600 LUMEN TOOL / TRAVEL BAG Whether you’re packing your tools away for the day, bringing them from one job site to the next or just need a robust and versatile bag for traveling, this Konstrukt® tool bag won’t let you down. • 700 x 350 x 323mm • Removable interior storage dividers • Concealed collapsible handle • Heavy duty castors and base protection • 21 internal and external pockets KONS-TOOLBAGTR RED, 700MM www.konstrukt.com.au

KONSTRUKT® PLASTIC BAGS STUBBY COOLER Enjoy a beverage after a hard day’s work and keep it extra cold with our sturdy neoprene stubby cooler. Fits standard cans and bottles. Drink responsibly. KONS-STUBCOOL RED PACKAGING TAPE KONS-TP048066 48MM X 66M • Ideal for packing fasteners, washers and nuts • Heat sealable KONS-PLB150230100UM 150 X 230MM www.konstrukt.com.au

KONSTRUKT CHEMICAL RANGE KONSTRUKT DISPLAY STANDS Our new & improved free-standing wall displays are strong, versatile and easy to use. Install a single stand to draw focus to a specific selection of Konstrukt products, or connect two, three or four stands to make a dedicated Konstrukt wall! • 3 integrated LED downlights • Modular shelves and hooks KONS-DISPLAYLED A selection of some of our best selling tools and supplies for electrical work including: • Caulking guns and assorted adhesives • Hand & Truck Wash • Galvanizing Spray • And more! START SELLING KONSTRUKT QUICKLY & EASILY WITH OUR CURATED PRODUCT RANGES! www.konstrukt.com.au

www.konstrukt.com.au KONSTRUKT ELECTRICAL RANGE KONSTRUKT HAND TOOL RANGE KONSTRUKT SAFETY RANGE KONSTRUKT JOBBER DRILL DISPLAY AND STARTER KIT A selection of some of our best selling tools and supplies for electrical work including: • Wide range of cable ties • Extension cables • Portable power outlets • And more! A variety of our trade quality hand tools, designed for a wide variety of construction work including: • Pipe Wrenches • Adjustable Spanners • Screwdriver sets • And more! A collection of essential worksite safety gear and personal protective equipment including: • Gloves • Safety glasses • Hardhats • And more! Our range of gold high speed steel jobber drill bits are easy to organise and display in this sturdy aluminium counter-top display. • 29 compartments for bits of various sizes • Built-in size gauge • Locking, clear acrylic window • Starter Kit includes 235 High Speed Steel Jobber bits and FREE merchandiser KONS-JOBDRILLSTARTERKIT