Synergy EOFY 2022 Industrial Brochure

14 MEGA EOFY SALE APR / MAY / JUN 2022 TOUCHSCREEN. REDEFINED FOREVER. COMMAND™ PRO Medium Large X-Large G14012 G14013 G14014 $18.78 $18.78 $18.78 COMMAND™ IMPACT Medium Large X-Large G14007 G14008 G14009 $26.00 $26.00 $26.00 COMMAND™ IMPACT LEATHER Medium Large X-Large G14077 G14078 G14079 $30.93 $30.93 $30.93 COMMAND™ PRO LEATHER Medium Large X-Large G14067 G14068 G14069 $24.05 $24.05 $24.05 COMMAND™ IMPACT CUT A6 (HI-VIZ) Medium Large X-Large G14087 G14088 G14089 $42.38 $42.38 $42.38 DEMAND THE BEST. DEMAND IRONCLAD. The Command™ Series Touchscreen gloves are the latest in Ironclad innovation. Ironclad engineers and manufactures its gloves with cutting-edge materials. Incorporating nanoparticle technology, our Command Series gloves are infused with highly conductive carbon ions. The result is a fabric composite with an electrical conductivity even greater than your own finger that won’t wash or wear off with time. A Brighton-Best International Company P: 1-800-812-527 E: *All Prices Include GST