Synergy EOFY 2022 Construction Brochure

9 CONSTRUCTION Chemical Injection Adhesives 585mL $61.12 420mL $25.16 420mL $51.13 420mL $35.99 ICCONS® BIS-P GEN2 PolyPRO is a Fast Cure, Styrene Free, Marine Grade Injection System for Anchoring Threaded Rod into Concrete, Hollow Brick and Block. ETA Assessed for: Cracked Concrete Hollow & Solid Masonry/ brickwork, Overhead Applications, Dry, Wet & Flooded holes. Combining the superior strength of Epoxy with a fast cure vinylester. BIS-HY GEN2 is suitable for Threaded Rod and Rebar in cracked and non-cracked concrete and Australia’s first rapid cure with Seismic C1 & C2 assessment for threaded rod. ICCONS® BIS-V is a Rapid Cure, Styrene Free, Non Sag, High Performance Injection Adhesive. BIS-V is suitable for Threaded rod and Rebar in Cracked and NonCracked concrete as well as C1 Seismic applications. ICCONS® BIS-E is a general purpose 3:1 Epoxy. BIS-E is suitable for Threaded Rod & Rebar in Cracked or Non-Cracked Concrete. Assessed for : Cracked Concrete, Hollow Drilling, Waterflooded holes Injection System Injection System Injection System Injection System NCC TM NATIONAL CODE COMPLIANT Epoxy 585mL BIS-E585 NCC TM NATIONAL CODE COMPLIANT POLY PRO 420mL BIS-P420 GEN2 NCC TM NATIONAL CODE COMPLIANT Hybrid Gen 2 420mL BIS-HY420 GEN2 NCC TM NATIONAL CODE COMPLIANT Vinylester 420mL BIS-V420 All prices include GST KONS-WBST-PPW A heavy duty gauge steel tray provides a higher level of damage resistance and its strength will not degrade with constant UV exposure. More resilient to shovels and abrasive loads, a steel tray wheelbarrow is suited to shifting materials such as rocks, bricks, sand, tiles, pavers, and concrete. • 100L steel tray • 400mm Diameter / 150mm puncture proof tyre made from high density rubber on a steel rim. • Load capacity of 200Kg • Steel handle with rubber grips $269 EACH SEE PAGE 26 & 27 FOR MORE KONSTRUKT PRODUCTS All prices are GST inclusive PUNCTURE PROOF TYRE