Synergy EOFY 2022 Construction Brochure

16 MEGA EOFY SALE APR / MAY / JUN 2022 Wood Chisel Code: 29-751 Left Cut Code: 29-752 Right Cut Code: 29-753 Straight • Mark 100mm depth in a 3mm hole • Mark 145mm depth in a 6mm hole • Forged steel core with through tang design for maximum striking force Aviation Snips CODE SIZE PRICE INC GST 29-751 Red Left Cut Aviation Snips $23.00 29-753 Yellow Straight Cut Aviation Snips $23.00 29-752 Green Right Cut Aviation Snips $23.00 Deep Hole Construction Pencil with Site Holster • Drop forged molybdenum alloy blades induction • hardened for long life CODE: ADP2 INC GST $2000 T-Rex Hardpoint Drywall Saw 550mm Industrial Hacksaw Frame INC GST T-Rex Hardpoint Drywall Saw | 150mm • Hardened teeth keyhole saw • Triple edge grinding cuts forwards & backwards • 550mm (22”) 8TPI Handsaw with triple ground shark point teeth for fast cuts even in hardwood • Supplied with premium Sterling Ultra 8% Cobalt blade CODE: HF-40T CODE: 50-660 INC GST $1400 $4050 CODE: 50-770 INC GST $1650 QUICK RELEASE HANDLE CODE SIZE PRICE INC GST WC-3PS Chisel: 3 piece set $59.00 WC-5PS Chisel: 5 piece set $105.00