Synergy EOFY 2022 Construction Brochure

13 CONSTRUCTION KONS-BRAKEC20L Konstrukt Brake Cleaner is an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that safely and effectively removes brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake parts. It can dissolve grease and grime without brake disassembly and leaves no residue. KONS-DEGRHC20LT KonstruktWorkshop Degreaser is a heavy duty, water-based degreaser for heavy duty cleaning. Non flammable, quick-breaking and free from petroleum solvents. KonstruktWorkshop Degreaser is a safe, concentrated degreaser for use on most hard surfaces. • Effectively removes brake dust and grease from brake components • Leaves no residue, staining and is non-corrosive • Cleans the sealer from new disc brake rotors, before brake pad installation • Cleans instantly to help stop squeals in brakes • Use on brake parts and other degreasing applications Benefits: • Removes grease and grime • Will not affect plastics, rubber or non-reactive metals • Free from harmful aromatic compounds and corrosive alkalies • Solubilises grease, oil, fat & waxes • Inhibits ferrous metal corrosion BRAKE CLEANER - 20LT DEGREASER - 20LT $145 $105 EACH EACH All prices are GST inclusive SEE PAGE 26 & 27 FOR MORE KONSTRUKT PRODUCTS NEW NEW