Synergy EOFY 2022 Construction Brochure

11 CONSTRUCTION Fosroc, the Fosroc logo and Nitoseal are trade marks of Fosroc International Limited, used under licence. FOSROC NITOPRIME 120 15L FC000601-15L A single component fast drying primer that provides excellent high bonding and penetrating properties into concrete and masonry surfaces. FOSROC NITOPROOF 210 15L FC000605-15L High performance single component water based bituminous rubberised liquid applied waterproofing membrane, contains root inhibiting additives. FOSROC NITOPROOF 310 15L FC000602-15L Fibre enhanced single component water based latex liquid applied membrane, designed for waterproofing applications where the membrane is to be covered with tiles, screeds or concrete beds. FOSROC NITOPROOF 410 PART A 12.5L FC000603-12.5L Water based, fast drying, flexible two component, polymer modified, cementitious waterproofing membrane designed for use under toppings, tiles and for other protected environments. FOSROC NITOPROOF 410 PART B 12.5KG FC000604-12.5KG FOSROC. FUTURE PROOF. RRP $192.95 INC GST RRP $153.79 INC GST RRP $183.30 INC GST RRP $30.38 INC GST RRP $202.60 INC GST