Synergy's 2021 EOY Construction Brochure

3 CONSTRUCTION EOY DEALS 1. KONS-AS-SIC0300RGNGY SILICONE ROOF + GUTTER - GREY 2. KONS-AS-SIC0300RGNTL SILICONE ROOF + GUTTER - TRANS 3. KONS-AS-SIC0300RGNWH SILICONE ROOF + GUTTER -WHITE 1 2 3 Silicone Roof & Gutter Premium quality, neutral cure sealant specially formulated for sealing sheet metal, aluminum roofing, guttering and other common building materials. With +/- 20% joint movement capability, it’s ideal for general plumbing use. Approved for use in contact with potable water, meets (AS4020-1999). $ 7.90 EACH ROOF & GUTTER WWW. K O N S T R U K T . C O M . A U ALL PRICES ARE GST INCLUSIVE