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The KINCROME SMD LED Worklight (Part No. K10202B) has a tough durable black case and comes with state of the art SMD (Surface Mount Diodes) LED technology, giving a maximum 400 Lumens providing 120&deg; of light spread. Plastic coated magnets on the back and the base, hooks and a unique 360&deg; ball-joint allow almost unlimited mounting options.<br /><br />The three stage switch allows the user to choose between maximum brightness (400 Lumens), or half brightness to extend the charge of the battery (200 Lumens), or a torch located at the top of the unit. The Lithium-Ion battery with USB charging makes recharging easy.<br /><br />&bull; Unique and innovative 360&deg; swivel and tilt function enables the light source to be positioned in any direction<br />&bull; The lamp houses 10 x 3W SMD super bright LED providing up to 400 lumens output with 120&deg; spread of light, illuminating the whole work area<br />&bull; Includes an additional high power 3W LED in the end for use as a directional torch<br />&bull; Features two swivel hooks and concealed magnets (2 on back, and 1 on base), to allow hands free operation<br />&bull; High quality 2.2Ah Lithium-Ion battery for longer life, no memory effect and a much slower discharge than traditional Ni-MH batteries<br />&bull; Includes Micro USB for charging with computer, car &amp; other USB enabled devices<br />&bull; Supplied with mains and in-car charger<br />&bull; Min / Max Length: 260 / 280mm<br />

Features and benefits
  • &bull; Unique 360&deg; ball joint with swivel &amp; tilt allows light to be positioned in any direction<br />&bull; Super Bright 10 x 3W SMD LED up to 400 Lumens and 120&deg; Light spread. &bull; 1 x 3W LED on top for Torch function<br />&bull; Concealed Magnets (2 on back and 1 on base) to protect painted surfaces. &bull; High and Low power settings<br />&bull; Multi-Function 3 stage switch for HIGH/LOW &amp; Torch Function<br />&bull; Twin rear mounted concealed, and one super strong end mounted magnets<br />&bull; Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 2.2AH Battery<br />&bull; 2 swivel hooks<br />&bull; Tough case, with soft touch anti-slip rubberized finish<br />&bull; Includes Micro USB enabled charging<br />&bull; Mains and In-Car Chargers<br />

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