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The Kincrome Air Random Orbital Sander &ndash; 6&rdquo; (150mm) (Part No. K13250) is the perfect addition to any professional automotive workshop, car enthusiast or industrial woodwork or metal fabrication trade such as furniture makers and panel beaters!<br /><br />With a free speed of 10,000 RPM, it will make light work of even the toughest and roughest of surfaces! Ideal for stripping paint, sanding car panels, and sanding wood, with a swirl free finish!<br /><br />One of the greatest features of the Kincrome Air Random Orbital Sander is its self-generating vacuum! Its unique design allows for the material being sanded, to be drawn through the holes in the sanding pad, inhaling any dust!<br /><br />The Air Random Orbital Sander comes with a flexible exhaust hose, which can be attached to your workshop vacuum, or directly into the supplied dust bag - eliminating the need to clean up afterwards!<br /><br />The Kincrome Air Random Orbital Sander also features a built in speed regulator, allowing you to control the power, giving you ultimate control to get the desired finish!<br /><br />The unit itself is made of a durable, lightweight composite housing and with its low vibration technology, allows for the Air Random Orbital Sander to be used for extended periods of time, without fatigue.<br /><br />The Kincrome Air Random Orbital Sander will work on most home and workshop compressors, only requiring 45.3LPM of free air flow!<br /><br />Like the rest of the Kincrome Air Tool Range, you can sleep easy knowing Kincrome Air Random Orbital Sander &ndash; 6&rdquo; (150mm) (Part No. K13250) is backed by our premium 2 Year Warranty!

Features and benefits
  • &bull; Low vibration for swirl-free finishes<br />&bull; Ergonomic, lightweight composite housing design<br />&bull; Includes low profile balanced sanding pad<br />&bull; 150mm hook and loop sanding pad with 6 holes (sanding pads not included)<br />&bull; Self generating vacuum for dust free sanding<br />&bull; Flexible exhaust hose and dust bag included<br />&bull; Ultra low vibration 0.8m/s2 (at no load)<br />&bull; Built in regulator<br />&bull; Adjustable Speed Lever

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